Refrigeration during production guarantees preserving the quality of the goods and maintaining freshness.

Refrigeration is an essential part of the production process, where the objective is to maintain freshness while not detrimentally affecting quality, through excessive processing and therefore it is one of the primary ways to extend shelf life, while maintaining consumer acceptability. It is also an essential aspect of quality management in the entire food chain and the system should be adapted to the production process.

Controlling the temperature of food across the whole supply chain is vital to extend shelf life.


High-quality food requirements and strict veterinary conditions dictate the building-in of quality refrigeration plants. Only carefully chosen and accurately installed refrigeration plants can enable suitable technological parameters and consequently high-quality meat and meat products.


Efficient production of any dairy product also depends on the careful selection of refrigeration equipment. The use of appropriate refrigeration system provides optimum cooling power and the required temperature range at all times. It is possible to install ice banks to enhance the energy efficiency of the entire refrigeration system.


The use of refrigeration plants in the baking industry, bakeries and the confectionary industry enables higher quality products and less dependence on primary production. We can offer you a wide range of refrigeration systems for all temperature ranges, with the addition of moisture control in your bakery.


A modern way of processing food requires reliable and efficient use of deep freezing. The tunnels for deep freezing can be produced as separate units alone or as parts of the whole cold store. The implementation of the deep freezing tunnels depends on the type and quantity of food that customer would like to freeze. It is possible to construct various sizes and meet various capacities according to the requirements and desired type as well as time frame of freezing.

Why choose eho?

Computer control system EHO

Off-site maintenance and system management allow online connection to the Computer Control System EHO in your facility, which guarantees our full professional service in real time and support for any emergency situation.

24/7 service

We are aware that in case of any failures of the refrigeration systems quick and effective intervention is of the utmost importance. Our team of highly trained service employees provides a 24/7 advisory service, preventive maintenance and servicing. You can rely upon our experience, skills and support 24/7 and 365 days a year. We provide you with replacements and technical improvements of the existing refrigeration systems to meet your needs.

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