The quality of goods largely depends on the high-quality refrigeration systems with reliable temperature regimes.

We will take care of adequately selecting and assembling of all refrigeration systems, ensuring the most appropriate technological required parameters. In this way, the technological parameters and consequently the quality of the goods distributed to either a wholesaler or retailer, or directly to the end consumer, are guaranteed.


Positive (+) Temperature Regime

These kinds of storage are mainly intended for growers, producers, distributors and commercial centres, dealing with fresh goods on a daily basis.

We build storage assembled with equipment to ensure the following:

  • optimal measurement and regulation of temperature and moisture,
  • proper airflow,
  • proper fresh-air ventilation of storage,
  • minimal loss of moisture from the stored goods,
  • adaptation to logistic requirements of the facility with the transport ways, packaging and racking systems.


Negative (-) Temperature Regime

These kinds of storage are mainly intended for goods that require a longer storage period. The storage is usually equipped with racking systems, providing optimal space utilisation and transparent as well as functional manipulation of the goods.

Freezing food provides consumers access to seasonal products that otherwise would not be available year round, unless imported from overseas with the associated cost and environmental impact, and for products such as ice cream that could only be created using refrigeration.

Besides an adequate refrigeration system inside the frozen goods storage, high quality insulation is also very important. We focus on:

  • thermal bridges prevention,
  • steam impermeability,
  • suitable choice of cold storage doors,
  • heating of critical elements (doors, drains, etc.).


Computer control system EHO

Off-site maintenance and system management allow online connection to the Computer Control System EHO in your facility, which guarantees our full professional service in real time and support for any emergency situation.

24/7 service

We are aware that in case of any failures of the refrigeration systems quick and effective intervention is of the utmost importance. Our team of highly trained service employees provides a 24/7 advisory service, preventive maintenance and servicing. You can rely upon our experience, skills and support 24/7 and 365 days a year. We provide you with replacements and technical improvements of the existing refrigeration systems to meet your needs.

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