With top engineering solutions we provide you integrated, energy efficient storage solutions for all types of goods.

To preserve the freshness and quality of fruits and vegetable as well as give them a chance to deliver the finest taste and aroma they need to be kept in appropriate temperature and storage conditions.

The advanced EHO’s fruits and vegetable storage systems guarantee you energy efficient, high-quality storage solutions, adjustable to your specific needs and conditions.


We offer technological solutions that ensure high quality and long-term storage of fruit, even until the next season.

Controlled Atmosphere Storage

ULO (Ultra Low Oxygen)


The main advantage of the controlled ULO atmosphere storage is the slowing down of the ripening and ageing processes of the stored fruits. The optimum conditions to provide high-quality and long-term storage of fruits until the following season are achieved by the appropriate selection of refrigeration systems and the necessary equipment for creating an atmosphere with a low level of oxygen and carbon dioxide – ULO (Ultra Low Oxygen).

Dynamic Controlled Atmosphere Storages

DCA (Dynamic Controlled Atmosphere)


Dynamic controlled atmosphere (DCA) means the fruit is stored at an O2 concentration level, adjusted for the stored fruits. The main difference compared to ULO is the conditions are constantly adjusted to the fruit’s respiration activity.

DCA is an alternative to ULO, where the O2 concentration level remains fixed. The main advantages of storage with a dynamic controlled atmosphere (DCA) are reduced potential for the development of skin diseases like ‘’scald’’ on the fruits and at the same time increased strength of the fruits and prolonged storage time.

EHO Solution For Long-Term Storage

Your Competitive Advantage


Reliable gas-tight storage system

Reliable gas tightness of the storage is of utmost importance for creating a controlled atmosphere with a level of oxygen. It is obtained by means of a precise construction system, adequate insulation panels, a gas-tight system and a gas-tight door.


Reliable refrigeration and humidification system

The installed equipment ensures efficient storage of fruit and minimal moisture loss during storage. Many years of experience have shown that in order to reach the desired parameters of cooling, a system with indirect cooling is the best choice.

The dedicated Computer Control System EHO provides fully automatic operation of the entire system.


Energy efficient CO2 scrubber, N2 generator and analysing system

We install energy efficient devices that ensure low levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the storages and maintain their concentrations at the desired levels with low consumption of energy. In this way, the controlled atmosphere storage constantly monitors and adjusts the CO2 and O2 levels within the gas-tight stores and slows down the metabolism of the fruits as well as preventing the development of potential storage diseases.


Adequate storage capacities and packaging

The storage capacity of individual storages depends on your needs. The selection of individual storage chamber capacity depends on the amount of the fruit that it is possible to place on the market in certain period of time. We also supply the most suitable packaging for long-term storage of fruits, plastic containers.


EHO storage technologies efficiently preserve the quality and freshness of the stored vegetables.

Without cold storage, most vegetables would not stay fresh for more than a few days. As soon as fresh produce is harvested, it begins to deteriorate and dangerous bacteria start to develop.

For this purpose, we install vegetable storages, for different vegetables as potatoes, beetroot, onions, carrots, cabbage etc. to enable optimal space utilization and transparent as well as functional manipulation of vegetables. The vegetable storages allow storage in various positive regimes, they are equipped with additional technological equipment such as fresh air ventilation, air heating, humidification, additional inner air circulation through the stored vegetables, which help to extend the shelf life.

Storage can have different capacities, from smallest (1,000 tons) up to biggest (100,000 tons and more).

Our refrigeration system provides:

  • Reduced respiratory activity and degradation by enzymes
  • Reduced internal water loss and wilting with high-quality refrigeration equipment and additional humudification system if necesary
  • Slower or inhibited growth of decay-producing microorganisms
  • Reduced production and concentration of the natural ripening agent, ethylene with fresh air ventilation system and precise temperature conditions in the storage rooms

Our cooling system provides highest possible quality of vegetable to the consumer.


EHO high-end technologies ensure the optimal conditions for proper green bananas quality management and storage.  

The first condition of ensuring bananas ripen to a high standard is proper quality green bananas. It is therefore necessary that, upon arrival, green bananas are stored in conditions that ensure a constant temperature, air circulation through each palette and fresh air ventilation.

For this purpose we manufacture green banana storages, equipped with a racking system, which enables optimal space utilisation and transparent and functional manipulation of bananas.

Computer control system EHO

Off-site maintenance and system management allow online connection to the Computer Control System EHO in your facility, which guarantees our full professional service in real time and support for any emergency situation.

24/7 service

We are aware that in case of any failures of the refrigeration systems quick and effective intervention is of the utmost importance. Our team of highly trained service employees provides a 24/7 advisory service, preventive maintenance and servicing. You can rely upon our experience, skills and support 24/7 and 365 days a year. We provide you with replacements and technical improvements of the existing refrigeration systems to meet your needs.

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